According to mythic lore… long ago in ancient mexico, a lightning bolt struck the heart—or gem—of the agave plant, roasting and fermenting its sugars and releasing the plant’s sacred, mystical sap known today as mezcal.




Many moons later, artist-alchemist duo Adrinadrina and Elliott Coon, both daughters of bohemian-bootleggers, started crafting their own spirits and elixirs under the name Gem&Bolt. the pair drew inspiration from their shared childhood, galvanized in the Virginia wilderness amidst an enclave of renegade artists, where they came to understand the true value of plants and conscious celebration.



Gem&Bolt mezcal is a living exhibit of their knowledge, work, and free-wheeling spirits, forever following the mantra: “make art, share plant awareness, celebrate, repeat.”


Lovingly born of tradition, myth, art, and invention coupled with plant and elixir wisdom, Gem&Bolt mezcal offers you 100% unadulterated liquid spirit.